Perron 07 is a pedagogical children’s centre. This means that pedagogical principles are leading in all areas, including its organisation, interior and management.

Perron 07 was founded by director and pedagogue Margot Meeuwig. Through the foundation Stichting Pedagogiekontwikkeling 07 she has been active in the field of education and child development since 1995. She has guided teams, provided education and training, written articles and books and has developed the pedagogical programme Sporen (Traces), intended for use in childcare, pre-school and primary school environments.

Stichting Pedagogiekontwikkeling 07 is a pioneer of the Reggio Emilia approach in the Netherlands. A member of the Reggio Children International Network, they are the developers of the recognised and Reggio Emilia inspired pedagogical programme Sporen/ (Traces). If you would like to find out more about what this approach entails, please visit the website

The development and start-up of Perron 07 was made possible by the Bernard van Leer Foundation