The Perron 07 team consists of a group of (highly) educated pedagogical employees, a pedagogista / director, an atelierista, 2 household employees / chefs and a business leader. 

Our pedagogical staff receive internal training in our Sporen (Traces) pedagogy. Several of them have backgrounds in other disciplines such as dance or the visual arts. Incidentally, specialists such as musicians, biologists, etcetera also enrich the offer at Perron 07.

The group staff receive daily support from the pedagogista and the atelierista. These roles have been ‘borrowed’ from the children’s centres of Reggio Emilia and play a central role in the Perron 07 team. A pedagogista is an (academic) pedagogue, specialist in the Sporen  (Traces)pedagogy and programme coordinator for all groups. The atelierista is a visual artist specialised in Sporen (Traces). Together with the pedagogical staff they discuss the provision for the children and devise follow-up plans. On a daily basis there are ample opportunities for the various teams to discuss and reflect on their work, as well as regular meetings where the entire staff come together for professional development under the guidance of the pedagogista and atelierista.

The pedagogista and the atelierista have a lot of experience working with young children and their parents in childcare, at playgroups and in pre-school settings. This team of motivated and highly-trained staff channel all their knowledge and experience into making Perron 07 a great place for children and their parents alike.