Our staff, the perronistas of Perron 07, know through their many years of experience that children love other children and learn a lot from one another.
We want to support them in building real friendships. In order to do so, it’s necessary to spend time with your peers. The Perron 07 team is focussed on truly getting to know the children and ensuring that what the children are offered meets their needs in the best possible way. The perronistas also benefit from groups with a fixed composition of children and colleagues. For this reason we have chosen to adhere to fixed groups of children of similar ages age and a fixed team of familiar staff; this provides continuity, stability, concentration and calm.
Perron 07 has 5 main groups, perrons, spread over 3 floors. All children progress through all 5 perrons. On average, children will stay in a group for around 8 months. Maar soms moeten we van deze leeftijds- en groep indeling afwijken.

Perron 0: 3 – 14 months old (8 babies)

Perron 1: 14 – 2 years months (10 – toddlers)

Perron 2: 2 years  – 2 years 8 months (12/14 pre schoolers)

Perron 3: 2 years 8 months  – 3 years 4 months months (14/16 preschoolers)

Perron 4: 3 years 4 monts – 4 years (16 oldest preschoolers)

Under two’s   2 groups: Perron 0 and 1
In The Netherlands there is parental leave until your child is 3 months old. That is why Perron 07 offers care and education for babies starting from 3 months old.
Young babies and toddlers, until they are able to walk (up stairs) properly, require their own unique approach. They have special rights to rest, a lot of individual attention and very careful care. Perron 07 has fixed and specialised staff working with our babies. The youngest babies eat, drink and sleep on request. In addition, there is a balanced diversity of sounds, smells, colours and interesting materials for them to grab, feel, to listen to and look at. Perron 0 is specially designed for the very young, with different places to sleep, a warm floor to crawl on and a large, safe raised baby play floor where they can meet and get to know each other.

The babies’ parents also have a special place at Perron 07. You can spend time with your baby in our parent’s room for as long and as often as you wish, you may also use this room for breastfeeding. The availability of a parent’s room means that you are always welcome at Perron 07 without disturbing the peace and concentration of our groups. There are ample opportunities on a daily basis for consulting with the perronistas about how your baby is developing at home and at Perron.

Sliding glass doors divide the space between Perron 0 and Perron 1. The toddlers   are able to access Perron 1 via the slide or their own little stairs.  There, we provide them with new challenges fit for the crawlers as well as the novice walkers.

On the ground floor we have a staff member who is specialised in the very youngest children, she coordinates Perron 0 and 1.