Parents are very important to our pedagogical work. In order to foster this important relationship, Perron 07 organises get togethers and opportunities for working together, talking about and observing the fascinating development of your children.

Just as we ask ourselves not how to merely occupy the children, but how to find out what they themselves are occupied with, we also find the most important question when meeting with and working together with you as parents to be: What is important to you? What questions do you have? What thoughts and ideas would you like to exchange with each other and with us?

We, as a team, believe it is important to share the experiences that your children have with us, with you as parents. We are collectively responsible for shaping the lives of your children at Perron 07.

Every morning and afternoon our team is ready to support you and your child in making the transition from home to Perron 07 and back as smoothly as possible. Each day we take a moment to reflect together on all that we have experienced that day. At Perron 07, this goes much further than simply informing you of what your child has had to eat and drink and for how long they have slept. In addition, each group space has documentation panels that are used to display what the children of that group are working on.

Gatherings for parents are held regularly at each Perron, as well as gatherings where all of Perron 07’s parents come together for parent-team meetings, parties and celebrations!

You are always welcome to join in at our various groups and / or contribute your own expertise. We look forward to our future collaboration with and for your children!

Parent testimonials

‘We wouldn’t want anything else now’

The arrangements are quite inflexible. At first it seemed strange that we had to adapt to the nursery in stead of the other way around. Until we started to realise the effect it was having on Tyler (then 1.5 years old). We began paying more attention to his needs and decided on the 4-day arrangement, without extended care.
What an improvement! Tyler has more fun, is friendlier to interact with and is developing wonderfully. At the end of the day we’re not having to deal with an exhausted, crying child at home, but there is time and opportunity to play and have fun together.
Yes, we have adapted. Not because we’re obligated to, but because it’s best for Tyler. And for our family! Now, we wouldn’t want anything else!

Tyler’s parents

“The kind of start you’d wish for every child!”

On the website I read that Perron provides a ‘childcare alternative’. That it is not actually a nursery, but a kind of school for young children. The groups are called Perrons and are led by Perronistas. Central to everything is the children’s development and it is their interests that are leading in determining the work that is done. It sounded too good to be true. But it actually works, in fact it thrives. In the first week our son Louis, just two years old, had made an elephant. Complete with pieces of fabric that he glued on by himself. Such attention to detail and love went in to making that elephant. A world of difference to a few quick scribbles on a generic colouring page at his previous nursery.
One of the principles of Perron 07 is that a child can speak one hundred languages. In the year and a half that Louis has been at Perron, he has learned to express himself in various ways: he discovered a passion for ‘breakdancing’, a self-invented dance form with its own language of movement. He has worked with wood, clay, beads, sand and all kinds of painting and drawing materials. He has learned to tell stories and play puppet shows, can make pasta pesto and recently built a huge marble run.
Perron has become like a second home and is filled with knowledgeable, inspiring staff who not only follow the children in a very attentive and loving way but really see them for who they are. We are very grateful to Perron for this and for the rich and broad spectrum of experiences that our children have been exposed to there. Hopefully this will be the catalyst for a revolution, starting in The Hague and soon the whole of the Netherlands will be full of Perrons, because every young child deserves a start like this!

Leonoor Bergen

‘An especially fun and creative little school’

Kobus first went to Perron when he was just four and a half months old, and now he is one and a half. Before Kobus was born we were already enchanted by the friendly and knowledgeable staff (perronistas) as well as the beautiful location. When Kobus started at Perron we received a warm, loving and understanding welcome, both for Kobus and for us as inexperienced parents.

When we bring Kobus in the morning we always stay for about half an hour – coffee! – and during those moments we catch up with the perronistas and other parents. This way we also get to know the other children and catch a glimpse of how the group interacts as a whole. Because there are fixed arrangements of three or four days, the group has a fixed composition. A small community of children, parents and perronistas gradually forms. Besides the fact that it is fun, we learn a lot from it. As parents, we are of course very curious about our child – how he develops, what he likes – and we see that the perronistas possess just as much curiosity and drive to tap into the interests and characteristics of each child through their uniquely crafted curriculum. At pick up time, there is always a dedicated moment to go through a recap of the day together using a combination of words and images.
We also like to be involved with the ongoing activities at Perron: by attending the seasonal parties for parents and children, the inspiring parent evenings and as of recently by becoming a member of the parent committee. We’ve now come to see Perron more as an especially fun and creative little school than as a childcare centre.

Kobus’ parents